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Clash of clans playing game on the PC online on Windows

The construction strategy game clash of clan is considered to be one of the most popular and addictive machendsten apps in the Google play store. While you can go without any problems on the Smartphone and tablets to a new battle, clash of clan can be a PC only under Helen play.

In the following instructions, you will experience how their clash of clan can play online also on Windows.

Clash of clan to play on the PC: here’s how online on Windows

Unfortunately, there is not its own online version of clash of clan as a download. On Facebook, the game is run while as app, here is referenced only on the clash of clan download for Android or iOS. There is not an official PC version of the strategy game. Who still do not want to give up clash of clans for Windows, can make operational the app with some handles for mouse and monitor. Everything you need for it, is an Android emulator for PC. The three currently most powerful function emulators are:

  1.     Andy
  2.     Android-x 86
  3.     Bluestacks
Here you will find the instructions for winds to play clash of clans on the PC:

  1.     Bluestacks download and install.
  2.     Launch Android app store via BlueStacks
  3.     Announces Google play store on the PC with your Google account.
  4.     Searches for clash of clans and download the game on the PC.
  5.     Read also to the topic: BlueStacks set: take advantage of Android apps on the PC

Now, their clash of clans on Windows can use and develop your clan. Who is not Bluestacks, finds us still instructions for setting up the app and Andyroid, or Android-x 86:

  1.     Use Android software on the PC: how-to with Android-x 86
  2.     Andy: So you make an Android tablet from your PC
  3.     Clash of clan to play on the PC: here’s how online on Windows
Clash of clans from the supercell Entwicklerhaus applies in addition to Hay Day as one of the most successful apps for Android and iOS - check out the post right here. In addition to the build of your own village you must take care of you, that your residents with enough resources are provided. In addition, to provide a powerful army on the legs, finally, from time to time, an attack by other human players is waiting your village. Of course, You too can pull even in the battle.

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